What We Offer:

Mother to mother breastfeeding support

Information and encouragement from peer support counsellors

Resource and Equipment library

Our resources include:

      • Information leaflets
      • Books
      • Breast Pumps
      • Supplementary feeder

Breast Pump Loan

We have a number of second hand pumps available for people to use on a short term loan basis. This is designed to help you get started with expressing and support you to find a way of expressing that works for you and your baby. We have a small selection of hand pumps and electrical pumps for you to try.

We will provide you with support whilst you try out the pump if you need it.

As we have limited resources we do ask for a small fee if you would like to use one of our pumps for more than one week.

Please ask one of the support team for more information on this. See the contact us page for details